uMobility Synergy

Group communication is critical for success of teams. Real time group communication is not only critical, but challenging. Team works together in synergy to achieve impossible and ours is a tool that aids this essential team work and hence the name Synergy, a part of uMobility portfolio.

Introducing here the best in class technology for real time group communication and collaboration supporting text, voice, and file transfer with support for location and video coming soon.

Synergy is built on latest technology to eliminate any and all restriction for real time group communication. Real time delivery and response time guarantees your team performance at the highest level. Synergy security matches the level most strict requirements including HIPPA. Synergy can emulate many known group communication applications such as messaging, walkie talkie and many more to let teams work with their familiar environment.


uMobility Synergy

Group Communication

Businesses have many ways to communicate for operational effectiveness, cost savings and customer care. Walkie-talkies were a limited answer of group communication; quickly replaced by advances in technology that included messaging, unified communications, and collaboration applications as ways to perform group communications. These applications however lack real time guarantee of response time and delivery time needed in most businesses. Synergy is the only multimedia messaging capability with real time performance.

uMobility Synergy


Synergy is over the top real time messaging solution providing secure deployment for text, voice, video and location for business teams communicating from different devices, locations, and networks built on webRTC and messaging technologies engineered for real time performance with support for industry standard communication protocols and integration with standards for businesses for security, work flow and business process integration.

Real time

Real time is defined by two simple criteria, namely response time and delivery time. Synergy carries the data in streams with QoS with predictable response time and delivery time enabled by optimized streaming implementation with multicast routing. Also unlike legacy technologies, Synergy transmission does not require explicit scheduling or “floor grabbing”. The communication serialization occurs only at the end points for best performance.


Security of information includes integrity and privacy of data. Synergy preserves integrity of data for accurate decision making in real time with historical logging as well as data encryption for transport security. Synergy provides reachability and coverage through various mediums by carrying notification without critical data, for example during SMS escalation. The level of encryption varies from country to country adhering to international and US export regulations from 256/512 bit encryption to 64 bit.





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