Voice and Video over IP

uMobility is versatile voice, video and real time messaging solution supported on Android, iOS and Windows devices. It is verified and certified for interoperability with most PBXes and Soft switches. The client is also available as uMobility5 or Single Line Client (SLC) or SL500.

Mobile Extension

uMobility allows to extend office extension to mobiles and desktops over IP as well as allow IP bypass by carrying bearer over cellular network like GSM. The user still enjoys privacy, toll bypass and other such benefits with cellular voice quality eliminating cellular data network coverage issues.

Fixed Mobile Substitution

Fixed mobile solution combines VoIP and Mobile extension into one solution and allows user to switch between IP and GSM network with click of a button. The user can also switch between any other phone number reachable by PBX, also known as Device Mobility.

Secure Deployment

uMobility Voice and Video solutions are TLS/sRTP secure and interoperable with most SIP SBC/FW or ALGs as well as PBXes with the capability to terminate secure traffic. Similarly the solution supports AD/LDAP central authentication, Remote Desktop and many more privacy and security enhancements.

Network Support and Network Mobility

uMobility solution versatility extends to work with any mobile provider through support of IP and Mobile extension modes for signaling and bearer. The solution works without any IP connectivity to PBX (i.e. data coverage). Also, if the network condition changes during a call, uMobility allows user to manually switch beare from IP network to GSM/Cellular network. Separate security is supported for signaling and bearer allowing full control over business security and privacy policies.





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